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Malaysia Male escort story

Kuala Lumpur Escort Girl a newly founded and established escorting service agency

Hello. How r u? It's been a while but I am back. Now let me explain why I disappeared so long. This is my story. In October last year I quit my job. I was fed up with it. I worked as a shop manager in this Spanish brand called Massimo Dutti. It's quite popular selling mans n woman's wear. We have 5 outlets in KL.

I am sure u heard of it. Anyways, I quit and thought of looking for new job with other brand. But I decided to take 2 months break: Nov & Dec b4 I start looking for job again in Jan. I worked 8 years straight and so wanted to relax over Christmas and New Year to reward myself. But in November, 1 week after I quit my job, I had serious injury at the gym.

I tore my stomach muscle so ended up in hospital with surgery. So took nearly 2 months to recover. At end of Jan this year just when I was feeling better another bad news came. My mother passed away and so I have to go back to Malaysia. I stayed on in Malaysia another 2 months (Feb & Mar) to settle all the funeral and prayers issues. So I came back to Singapore in 1st week of April. That's why I did not contact you. Now I am back & started looking for new job but still not successful in getting a good offer. I am just so fed up with working in sales. But in Spore or Msia we have no choice - it's all the boring jobs that have to choose from. We cannot do any jobs that involve sex as it is illegal here: boring?!?

I have been thinking about working in sex industry all my life! Let me tell u more about me.

I was born in Malaysia. I had a good English education from primary school all the way to college. Because I am so influenced by American movies and TV show in school I decided I must go to US when I left college. So in 1988 I left Malaysia to go to US. But the U.S. dont give me a visa. So I ended up in Vancouver, Canada.

I found a job there in a hotel as receptionist. I ended up in Vancouver for 6 years all the time working in hotel. I tried to work in sex industry like porno movies but that time I was too young, skinny, ugly, naive and scared so no chance. In 1993 I left Canada and went to Japan . Again I work there in hotel for 2 years.

Then in 1995 I came to work in Singapore also in hotel for 6 years. During this 6 years I packed on more confidence, look after myself and save as much money because my dream is still to go to America. In 2000 I saved enough and applied for US visa. Again not successful because they know I wanted to go in to find work.

I was so frustrated so I decided to go to Sydney, Australia: to study instead. I was in Australia for 6 years moving from college to college taking up different courses. But in the side I work part time in sex shop as sales assistant. It was good fun meeting porn stars, strippers and escorts.

By now I have more confidence, put on some muscle and look better. I tried making contact with porn directors in Aust & US but no much success. Sadly, I came back to Singapore on 2006 coz I have no more money to go to university in Aust. I got a job as sales asst in Massimo Dutti and so have been working there ever since.

I got promoted to shop manager after few years. So for the past 8 years been doing this job! In the 8 years I excercise more, keep fit and healthy, look after my body and build more confidence. Now I feel I am feeling best in my life after all these 8 years!

I travelled to Europe (Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna), Aust (Sydney, Gold Coast), Johor, KL, Bangkok almost every year to check out the sex scene. The best I feel is Prague. The girls are so amazing there, the sex as well!

I have never been to Russia but I know St. Petersburg is where all the action is?!? So that's about my whole life. I have been working in hotel and retail sales all these years but this is not the life I want! What I want is to be in the sex industry, doing porn or may be "pimp" or male escort! This is what I want to do! So I have just told you my life story but I don't even know who you r?! But I feel u r somebody I can become friends with. I know u sometime feel lonely and frustrated and need to talk to somebody who u can trust but u can't be that "open" because of the nature of your job. It can be frustrating right? There is nothing wrong working as porn actor or escort or call girl or call boy.

It's just a job. Only difference is u have to take off your clothes! But if u have confidence & comfortable with your body, why not? I admire & respect them! Ok then. I write so much already. I will continue my story again another day. Good night.


Escorts girls Russian from Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Escort Girl a newly founded and established escorting service agency

One of the many exotic pleasures of Malaysia alongside with the climate, sights and many other wonderful experiences is the possibility to find an extremely gorgeous hotty eager to satisfy your most exciting needs and stay by your side as long as you want.

Yet not all the visitors know a small secret that can make the trip really unforgettable. It is very simple: escorts girls Russian from Malaysia are the choicest among the sweet pleasures of this country.

Russian beauties are considered so attractive all over the world not without reason. And this special attractiveness is formed from many things, their sexual appeal not being the last on the list.

If you haven’t already tried, you definitely should, as those who once enjoyed the company of escorts Russian girls from Malaysia come back again, again and again.

And even if you are mostly in for a totally different type of women, this exotic experience is still worth a try, and it can change you attitude dramatically and forever.


Mermaids escort Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Escort Girl a newly founded and established escorting service agency

It is not a secret that many men come to Kuala Lumpur to enjoy local escort services among other reasons. The city is widely famous for their quality and number, so any newcomer can have a good choice of hot chicks ready to accompany him and satisfy all his desires.

But the thing is that to make your visit really unforgettable you need to pay special attention to the choice of your escort service.

That is why so many men go straight away to Mermaids escort Kuala Lumpur. The service is known for its high quality, and its choice of hotties from all over the world is above all praise.

All the girls are model-class, very appealing and communicative, and you can always choose company for you before coming to the country by perusing a wonderfully detailed gallery.

Escort women from Mermaids escort Kuala Lumpur provide a breathtaking combination of beauty and skill, appeal and relaxedness, and are so varied in their appearance that anyone can find excellent company here, no matter the taste, preferences or length of the visit.


HI-FI Malaysia Escorts

Kuala Lumpur Escort Girl a newly founded and established escorting service agency

HI-FI Malaysia Escorts - Malaysia Escorts Agency with selected female Malaysia Escorts provides high class escort services for gentlemen. Our sexy girls are happy to meet you in their apartments or come to your place.

We welcome you to HI-FI Malaysia Escorts service , offering discreet escort companionship for the discerning client.

Our 24 hours Malaysia Escort Agency will take care of you from your initial contact and ensure that the high-calibre adult models you are introduced to can be relied upon to provide company for any occasion.

Our Malaysia escort girls are available for both in and out calls, visiting your residence, hotel or accompanying you to any type of social event. Our escorts are between 18 - 35 years of age, good looking and with charming, fun personalities.

HI-FI Malaysia Escorts offers a variety of beautiful selected ladies that are longing to meet you. You can find Indian, Abudhabii, busty and mature escorts . To avoid disappointment advance escort booking either by telephone is recommended.

Other ladies sometimes available who due to their high profile cannot feature in the gallery. Please phone for details. Each of our adult entertainers are caring and discreet. She will not rush you and her service is impeccable.

Our Malaysia Escorts will be appropriately dressed for any occasion from a casual dinner date to accompanying you to formal events. If you have special requirements with regard to style of dress, please do not hesitate to ask.

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